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As we are getting so much positive feedback and this is a great situation to be in, some of my friend are very interested to know about what I sing and bragg!  It’s kind of crazy but I still doing things I started it when I was just a kid! Music is one of them. With my dream of make a better world my poetry is about life, nature, fauna and flora, love, elements such as earth, air, sky mixed with politics and reasons.   PAPAJACA – BRAZINDIAS - Band is Kenny Higgins on Bass, Craig Scott Guitar, Rick Weedon on drum kit the album is full of surprises and collaborators from the likes of Leroy Johnson, Enrico Marchesi, Wiyaala, Omar Puente and James Lascelles. Then I decided to translate it for your delight!  Recorded at LOOM STUDIOS with Grant Henderson  FREE PDF AVAILABLE


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Fronted by the percussionist claudio kron do BRAZIL PapaJaca is an uplifting Brazilian band who use world music influences to create an intricate musical journey. Bass - Kenneth Higgins, Guitar - Craig Scott, Drum Kit - Rick Weedon.


The band mixes Afro Brazilian traditional music with lots of other rhythms creating an interesting fusion of powerful vibrant sounds. The repertoire is usually in Portuguese with Yoruba and Capoeira elements.


Based in Yorkshire/England/UK the band features musicians from different backgrounds who blend melodies and harmonies with flair and a charged energy which comes from the excitement of playing original music together.


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